Jarrad Nelson
Jarrad Nelson
The moments inbetween

Jarrad Nelson

The moments inbetween


About Me

Hi my name is Jarrad Nelson, and this is some of my photographic work. Not all of it but a few pieces that make me happy that I picked up a camera.

I'm from Johannesburg South Africa. One birthday a film camera granted a new perspective, and through my architectural studies and beyond I have found a new creative outlet.

So after many festivals,local shows and studio sessions I'm rather pleased to say I was sober enough times to produce a portfolio, have my work syndicated in national newspapers and appear in a book on South African music.

If you have the energy, the photographs have the story. So now I'm on my little journey in a place far colder than home - called London.

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A continuous ramble of travels, thoughts and ideas. A modern day diary, reflection and connection.

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